“Dance like there’s nobody watching.
Love like you will never be hurt.
Singing like there’s nobody listening.
Live like it’s heaven on earth.”

I absolutely love this super positive saying and wanted to share it with all of you. When I first got to Australia and was still finding my way around, this phrase caught my eye. There was a piece of paper with these words just sitting on the table, and a bunch of friendly folks invited me to join them in a colouring session.

Originally, I came to the library to do some reading, but I ended up sitting down, grabbing some coloured pencils, and getting into the whole colouring vibe. I was really keen on improving my sensitivity to colours, so I made it a weekly thing—spending about an hour and a half at the library for our colouring get-togethers.

Big shoutout to Teacher Helen for always cheering us on and sharing her artistic knowledge from her time studying in France and her amazing adventures around the world. Through this class, I’ve slowly but surely gotten better with colours. Each colouring session feels like taking really good study notes, capturing the mood of the moment, and celebrating the progress I have made in this class.


I’m really curious about how you like to colour.
Wishing you all the best!❤️


Diving into the Colored Pencil World, Had a Great Study Session!❤️

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