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The Royal Exhibition Building
It is located in Carlton Gardens, in the northern part of the Melbourne CBD. This area is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the building’s iconic feature is its circular roof, resembling the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral in Italy. But that’s not all the park has to offer. Melbourne Museum and the IMAX cinema are both located within the park’s boundaries, offering a feast for the senses with their art and cultural offerings. This year’s flower show lasts for four days, and upon entering the park, visitors will see various vendors selling all kinds of plant-related products, such as seeds, gardening tools, weed whackers to scarecrows, and outdoor heaters, and more. It’s a garden lover’s paradise!

Exhibition’s Area Planning
Outdoor area planning mainly consists of garden landscape design, outdoor potted plants, and the sale of various tools. Landscaping companies showcase different styles of gardens in the park, allowing visitors to admire the finest garden designs and explore the diverse range of outdoor tools and equipment on sale. Inside the venue, the air is filled with a delightful mix of music and the sweet fragrance of flowers. As you wander through the enchanting displays, you will be captivated by the magnificent floral arrangements, ranging from small potted plants to towering wall arrangements. You can marvel at the European-style floral designs with their vibrant clusters of pink blooms or the Japanese-style arrangements with their elegant and minimalistic composition.

You can also witness some of the creative floral designs, such as jellyfish in the ocean, romantic pink pianos, and clothing made of plants. And for those who are planning a special occasion, there’s an array of bespoke floral designs on offer, including stunning wedding and banquet arrangements. As a food lover, all I could think of was trying to figure out where might be any space left for the food.

Live Activities
The atmosphere at the event was buzzing with excitement and energy! Downstairs, there were flower arrangement workshops where experts carefully explained the characteristics of each flower and how to pair them perfectly. Upstairs, there was a painting class where you could sip on wine and indulge in cheese while creating your art. For many, it was a delightful way to spend an afternoon. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to multitask and participate in the painting class, but I still enjoyed watching others unleash their creativity.

As for the potted plants, the prices were comparable to those in the market or even slightly more expensive. There were no special discounts offered at the event, so I wasn’t sure how well the gardening vendors did. However, the high tea was a big hit, with all seats selling out before the event even began. It was pricier than most other options, but people were willing to pay for the experience. The coffee shops, doughnut stands, and fish and chips carts outside were a massive hit! They attracted long lines of customers, and the business was booming. If anyone is thinking of setting up a booth at a flower show in the future, they should definitely consider selling food and drinks.

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