Hey there, I’m SUSU, and I’m all about sprinkling a little extra creativity into life! I’ve got a soft spot for art, music, and those moments when I can tuck myself away in a quiet corner to read and contemplate life. Right now, I’m calling Melbourne home, but my adventure kicked off in Taiwan. I’ve always been a movie buff, and I’ve got this thing for cutting-edge tech, especially computer software. So, after diving into the world of philosophy for my degree, I decided to take on an exciting challenge: becoming a super cool CG animator and peeking behind the scenes of movie-making. Over more than a decade, I’ve been part of all sorts of TV and film projects in Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, and China. I’ve met some incredible folks along the way and soaked up a ton of knowledge about animation.

But here’s the fun part: in 2018, I decided to kick my creativity up a notch! I dived into courses on illustration, storytelling, and even explored the wonderful world of colours and traditional art materials. It wasn’t just about igniting my imagination; it was like a constant stream of artistic inspiration flooding in. So, I embraced it with open arms. At the same time, I started working on personal projects like crafting picture books for kids, creating videos, and building websites. All of it with one goal – to share my stories and sprinkle my creative magic with the world. Today, I’m a storyteller with an illustrator’s brush, and I’m here to add a little extra magic to your day!





Digital Drawing☞◉Procreate⇠Photoshop ◉Vectornator⇠Illustrator  ◉Tayasui Sketches
Traditional Medium☞◉Acrylic  ◉Gouache  ◉Colour Pencils


2D Animation☞◉Rough Animator ◉FlipaClip  ◉Looom
3D Animation☞◉MAYA  ◉Blender


WEB Content Management System☞◉Wordpress.org
Template System☞◉AVADA


Video Editing☞◉Final Cut Pro⇠Premiere
Video Effects☞◉Motion⇠After Effect