Victorian Era Architecture
Williamstown is an early immigrant port where many unique single houses can be seen. These buildings stand tall as if they were from the Victorian era, a century ago. It’s not that the locals don’t want to change, but the local government has regulations that require them to be maintained as historical monuments. Therefore, purchasing such a historic property requires psychological preparation, as there are many regulations to follow for decoration and repair. The most important thing is that the appearance cannot be changed, only the interior can be modernized and made more comfortable. Despite the hassle of maintenance, these seaside houses are very popular here.

In addition, the town is only 10 kilometers from the city center, surrounded by the sea on three sides, with vast blue skies, white clouds floating lightly, small sails swaying, and a whole area of historical buildings. The array of cafes emit fragrances, making it a great place for a spontaneous nature getaway. Many people come to this town on weekends, perhaps for coffee or to enjoy the sea, ride bikes, have a picnic, visit the farmer’s market, or explore interesting art shops, making it a great place to bring children or pets. Speaking of pets in Melbourne, they are all brilliantly cared for, and cats and dogs all have government-registered names and ID numbers. They also require regular vaccinations, sterilization surgery, and basic etiquette training at pet schools. People treat their pets as family members rather than mere pets.

Farmer’s Market/Crafting Market
Every other Sunday, there is a market in the seaside park of the town. Usually, there are local bands playing music and families of all ages sitting on the lawn, enjoying the music, drinking coffee, and eating donuts or hamburgers, surrounded by freshly bought vegetables. The market also offers many handmade goods and booths from illustrators, combining fresh produce with artistic and cultural elements. Children who like various farm animals can also experience all kinds of animals that you can think of here. Farmers bring their alpaca, mini horses, piglets, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and sheep to the park and set up large fences. Parents can buy tickets and put their children in the animal enclosures. The farmers teach children how to take care of the animals, feed them milk or grass, and so on. This makes children, parents, and farmers all happy.

Street Vending By Children
This time, during my visit to Williamstown, I decided to avoid the busy streets filled with coffee and food. Instead, I sat on the grass by the seaside to enjoy the cool breeze and bask in the warm sunshine, soaking up the last days of summer. However, the tranquility was soon disrupted by the enthusiastic shouts of a young child who had set up a small cardboard stand in front of their home across the street. The child, who appeared to be around five years old, had drawn signs with crayons indicating the drinks they were selling and their prices, along with a catchy slogan. It was really adorable and impressive to see how dedicated the child was to their little business.

Many neighbors came to support the young entrepreneur. However, on windy days, the cardboard stand would nearly be blown away, and the child would scream in terror. Nevertheless, the child remained steadfast and kept the store steady with a serious and determined expression, which was incredibly cute and funny. I admired and applaud to this young child.

The benefit of teaching children to be independent from a young age is that their parents, grandparents, and other relatives can relax in the backyard drinking coffee or beer while the child runs their business at the front door. It’s a colorful and interesting weekend experience for everyone.

I can’t believe March has arrived so quickly.
Hope all the best.


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