Hello! January has arrived and I am sure you are just as excited as I am. This is usually a busy time of the year, whether you are planning to get together with family and friends or take some time to relax. It is a festive and joyful season, and I hope you can enjoy it and feel proud of successfully making it through another year.

Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter and reading my blog. Your participation has inspired me to embark on this new challenge of writing articles. The main reason I started the newsletter was to share updates and news with everyone. Being a freelance illustrator can be lonely, as the creative process is a solo journey that is peaceful but can also be isolating. I enjoy interacting with others and connecting with the world, and I find email to be more charming than social media platforms. Email is quiet, doesn’t have the pressure of instant responses, and allows me to organise my thoughts and express them more fully.

I hope that every time you receive my newsletter, it will bring a sense of joy, like receiving a greeting from a friend. My illustrations and news may evoke similar emotions in you or spark new feelings. I want to have a more intimate and warm connection with you, silently accompanying each other. Of course, you can reach me through my website, email, or social media platforms if you wish to connect.

If you’re interested in enhancing your creativity, imagination, and drawing skills, I’ll share some key tips with you:

✸Relax your mind.

✸Observe your surroundings.

✸Start with your favorite subject.

These tips may seem simple, but it’s easy to forget one of them and become stuck. When creating art, it’s important to focus on what satisfies you, not what others want to see. The feeling you have while painting is the most important. This is why some psychologists use painting as a form of therapy to heal the soul.

I used to think my life was boring and my self-esteem was low, but I soon realized that every person is unique. By embracing the process of growing up and recording all of your experiences and feelings, you will find that even your daily routines are full of vitality and humor. These experiences make you who you are.

Over the years, I’ve continued to paint because I simply enjoy it. It’s a way for me to tell stories and express my thoughts. Painting not only sharpens my observation skills, but also helps me express my true feelings. This is the most surprising magic of getting to know myself! It also brings happiness to others, and I want to keep painting.

No matter what career you choose, at any stage of life, I hope we can all listen to our hearts, make the most of our talents, and live life with a unique energy.

Wishing you all the best,

Everything began here!

A student desk that couldn’t pull out the drawer, a dining table and chair, a laptop, paper, and pen.

This small workspace carried my dreams, and I never thought they would become a reality now.

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