⟪ A Scientific Adventure: The Picture Book Story of Scientist Kumar Santhosh VR⟫
Created by SusutheChen in February 2019
Procreate Drawing on iPad

Hi, I am Santhosh!

On the left is the naughty child Santhosh.

One the right is the gentle scientist Santhosh! 

Do you want to know how I became a scientist? 

Jump into this story, let me show you something!

Let me share with you my secret adventure map. 

My home is in Uttarahalli, a small town in Bangalore, India! 

Everyday when I awake, I am like a race car~ Vroom Vroom~Drive out of my sweet home, Rooaaarrr… Run to the Mango trees, climb up the hills, pass through forests and vineyard, jump into lakes, pray in the temple, say hi to my school, and then play games in the playground. 

In the evening, I will get some coconut juice on my way to home, Rooaaarrr…drive to bed and complete my wonderful day!

Nature is my good friend!

I can play games all day long. My favourites are Buguri Aata, Saka Beka aata, Goli(marble game) and cricket!

If the weather is too hot, I swim in the well! Yes, well. My mom always scares me, ”There are snakes in the well!”, she yells! 

I know I am a very naughty child, but I just want to explore the world!


The sound of the ghatam makes me feel so joyful and peaceful. 

Once I saw people practising Yoga with ghatam music. 

So I started to do Yoga too. 

Yoga is my favorite activity now ! I am a part time yogi!

It is time to go to University. Hoorayyyyy! 

My father chose my major. He put me in pharmacy school. 

I started to enjoy my studies. 

I always wanted to help people and now I was learning how to make medicine.

I can help people to treat their diseases.

I quickly finished university and now, I have started to work as a scientist in a big medicine company (Syngene).

I decided to continue my studies! Germany was my choice. It has good universities! 

Lots of fun festivals here. Oktoberfest is my favourite festival. I tried many theme park rides and different malt drinks.

I love malt drinks! They ease the pressure of studying.

Germany is a beautiful country. It has many sculptures. 

Two of them are very memorable to me. I always confuse them with each other! 

Juliet and Gaseliesel

I left Germany to start new adventures in Australia. 

I start to work in a famous institute there. 

My favourite Australian native animals are snakes, crocodiles, penguins and wombats.

Do you know wombat’s poop has a cube shape?!!!

Let’s not forget about Furphy. It is my favourite malt drink!

Well, my adventure in Australia was very short. After all, what matters is the quality not quantity.

Next stop is England. An exciting job awaits for me!

I am going to explore a brand new map. 

Sir Santhosh: His Majesty, is going to The United Kingdom!