I have always loved sketchbooks because good ideas and feelings can be fleeting. Having a notebook on hand lets me capture my emotions and thoughts instantly. Observing and feeling deeply, then choosing to record it by hand, makes the experience much more meaningful. Even later, flipping through the sketchbook can transport me back to that moment in time. This captivating activity naturally deserves a special place in my life.

So, when packing for a trip, I’m always filled with anticipation. I joyfully pack more and more, imagining myself freely sketching and immersing myself in nature. But in reality, my bag becomes so heavy that by the time I reach my destination, I’m too exhausted to do anything but rest. Moreover, the thought of casually opening my sketchbook and spreading out my art supplies in public is a significant psychological challenge.

After several attempts, I’ve started to reduce the amount of art equipment I bring on trips. Now, I pack lighter and enjoy my travels more, without the burden of carrying too much gear.🥹

▼Previous Travel Gear

When I initially ventured into sketching while traveling, I often fretted about not having the right colors or brushes, fearing it would hinder my enjoyment of the creative process. Consequently, I would cram my suitcase with an abundance of supplies. Yet, upon arrival at my destination, the abundance of tools led to decision paralysis, leaving me uncertain about where to even start sketching. But fret not! If you find yourself facing similar dilemmas, know that it's all part of the journey towards self-discovery and understanding.

▼Current Travel Tools

After spending some time exploring colour mixing, I've found my favourite palettes. It's amazing how many colors you can create using just the basics! So now, when I'm traveling and packing my art supplies, I keep it simple. I bring along only the essential pigments, neatly packed in a handy pencil case that fits right in my hand. This way, my shoulders and mind feel much lighter! And for paper, I go for something sturdy, around 110gsm or more, so it can handle my gouache without any fuss.

▼All the Goodies Inside My Pencil Case

After figuring out my favorite art materials, I've narrowed down my color picks and checked each tool to make sure they give me the textures and lines I want. I really like using charcoal pencils, ink, colored pencils, opaque paints, and a mix of wax crayons. With these, I'm all set for sketching on the go!

▼The primary colours of opaque pigments

Take a peek at this color palette: three reds, three blues, three yellows, plus black and white. With these, you can whip up almost any color you need! To speed things along, I also bring along green and brown. Since I love painting characters, I mix in some skin tones too. Lately, I've been vibing with earthy shades, so I toss in some gray for that cozy autumn/winter feel. But hey, if you stick to the basics, you'll get that vibrant spring/summer vibe just fine!

▼One Palette, Many Shades

That's the magic of having your reds, yellows, blues, black, and white handy! They shine bright alone but when you mix them, oh, the beautiful shades you can create! These are my go-to colors that I love, so I've been jotting them down in my notebook to remember and share with you all.

▼Let's paint outdoors together!

Don't wait any longer! Grab your pencil case and notebook, and let's head out to experience life together! You'll uncover surprising sides of yourself and see the world from a fresh perspective. It's your own little world—no need to share if you don't want to!

Hope these shared experiences can lighten your load a bit!😊

Wishing you all the best,

🌟The primary aim of having a sketchbook is🌟


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