Hello there! Last month held a special milestone for me—I finally achieved a significant goal on my list: printing my own creations and sending them to my friends scattered across the globe. I’d like to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been supporting me along this journey. Whether it’s subscribing to my newsletter, reading my articles, following my art journey, or even just dropping by to give a thumbs-up and purchasing some of my creations, your support means everything to me!

Now, let’s discuss the printing situation in Melbourne. You know how it goes—places like Officeworks, Kmart, and Big W are popular choices for printing services. However, there’s a catch: the colours often don’t quite match up, and the quality isn’t as high as expected. It turns out that us artists are quite particular about colour accuracy, and I’m no exception. Additionally, since I’m not producing prints in large quantities, the expenses of using a specialised art supply store for scanning, paper purchasing, and printing really add up.

So, after much consideration, I decided to take matters into my own hands and invest in my own printer and scanner! Now, I have full control over every aspect—from the colours to the paper—and I can ensure that each print meets my standards. It’s made a world of difference, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Sending off that stack of mail at the post office felt incredibly satisfying; each envelope was filled with the warm wishes I wanted to share! It took nearly a month to gather addresses from all my friends, double-check them, and make sure everything was just right. Then came the fun part—researching scanners, testing printers and paper, until I finally got prints I was happy with. That process took another month!

But let me tell you, the best part was hearing from friends all around the world saying they’d received them! The first ones to get theirs were my pals in England and Ireland—looks like Royal Mail scored a win this time, huh? It’s interesting how the local mail here in Australia took over a month to arrive, and the ones going to the US? Well, that was a whole other story—more than two months! But hey, all’s well that ends well, right? And guess what? The letters sent to Taiwan didn’t even have postmarks, so my friends there can reuse the stamps after soaking them in water! Talk about a bonus! Thankfully, every single letter made it safely to its destination—no lost mail here!

I’m currently in the midst of planning to reopen my online store. My aim is to have it operational by the end of the year, allowing everyone easier access to purchase my artwork and products. Although I’ve taken a break from posting on social media platforms in recent months, I’ve continued to paint daily. Most of my work has involved experimenting with different materials and exploring abstract art. This process has been incredibly relaxing and fulfilling for me—it’s like a journey of self-discovery. I may consider sharing these creations in the future, or perhaps I’ll simply keep this space reserved for my own personal enjoyment and relaxation.

Wishing you all the best,

I’m hoping that by the end of the year, I’ll have my little shop up and running again!

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